life lesson number

May 19, 2019

month + day +y+e+a+r of birth

= your life lesson number = what you are here to learn

For example, for a person born on November 30th, 1954:

November 30th, 1954

11 + 30 +1+9+5+4 = 60 = this person’s life lesson number = what this person is here to learn = moving forward, making progress, thinking outside of the box, long distance journeys, involvement with foreigners…


watch the video on how to calculate your life lesson:




[scroll down to read about each of the numbers]



One Response to “life lesson number”

  1. […] found the answer rather quickly: Tarot card number 42, Two of Cups, happens to be my life lesson. This number derives from my birth date. I got very interested on the subject of life lessons and […]

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