some examples of what the numbers / number combos can sound/feel like:

10  Wheel of Fortune

The Hanged Man Tarot card

12  Phenomenon; Jackass

12/17/44/45  Metal Church “Fake Healer”

12/44/45  Megadeth “Trust”

12/45  Limp Bizkit “Faith”

Death Tarot card

13  Slayer

15  Danzig; Deicide

15/38  Danzig “Mother”

15/45  black metal

15/45  Godsmack “Voodoo”

15/45/50  Megadeth “Peace Sells”

17/42  Shaggy featuring Rayvon “Angel”

The Moon Tarot card

18  The Shining

Salvador Dali

18/43/44/45  Marilyn Manson “I Don’t Like The Drugs”

18/44/45  Disturbed  “Voices” & “Stupify”; Metal Church “Of Unsound Mind”

18/45  Metal Church “Psycho” & “The Dark”

Judgement Tarot card

20  The Punisher, Flatliners

20/45  Hatebreed “Confide In No One”; Shadows Fall “The Power Of I And I”


22  The Three Stooges

26/44/45  Marilyn Manson “The Beautiful People”

27/34/44/45  Metal Church “Start The Fire”

28  Destiny’s Child  “Survivor”

30/44/45  Mötley Crüe  “Home Sweet Home”

32 anthems, fight songs

Seven of Wands Tarot card

33  country music

Eight of Wands Tarot cardFive of Cups Tarot card

34/45  speed metal, thrash metal

34/45  Overkill

34/45  Metallica “Fuel”; Metal Church “Highway Star”

34/35/45  Overkill “Bare Bones”

34/36/45  Overkill “Skullkrusher”

34/45/51  Overkill “Time To Kill” & “Elimination”

34/45/59  Overkill “Nice Day…For A Funeral”

Nine of Wands Tarot cardFive of Cups Tarot card

35/45  Hatebreed “Perseverance”

35/46 Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody”

35/45/46/51 Anthrax “Persistence of Time”

36/45  Metal Church “Ton of Bricks”

King of Cups Tarot card

37  music

King of Cups Tarot cardFive of Cups Tarot cardQueen of Swords Tarot card

37/45/52  Blush “Miss Out”

Knight of Cups Tarot cardFive of Cups Tarot cardSix of Cups Tarot card

39/45/46  Cold “A Different Kind Of Pain”

Ace of Cups Tarot cardTwo of Cups Tarot card

41/42  Chris Isaak “Wicked Game”

Ace of Cups Tarot cardFive of Cups Tarot card

41/44/45/46  Metal Church “In Harm’s Way”

41/45  Machine Head “Five” & “Now I Lay Thee Down” ; Slayer “Silent Scream” ; Hatebreed “Unloved” ; Pantera “Throes of Rejection”

Two of Cups Tarot card

42  Donna Lewis “I Love You Always Forever”; Sevyn Streeter “It Won’t Stop”

42/44/48   Goo Goo Dolls “Iris”

42/44/51  Megadeth “À Tout le Monde”

42/45  Pantera “This Love”

42/51  Slayer “213”

Three of Cups Tarot card

43  dance music, party music

Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”; House of Pain “Jump Around”

43/45 Korn “Twisted Transistor”

Four of Cups Tarot card

44  ambient; trance

44  Days of the New; Tantric; Alice in Chains; Live; Lee Ryan “I Am Who I Am”

44/45  Dokken; Queensrÿche; Metal Church (Mike Howe); Metallica (Black Album); Megadeth; Iron Maiden; Judas Priest; Skid Row; Whitesnake; Ratt; Mötley Crüe; Heathen; Dio; Trouble; NIN; Ministry; Bush; Forge Effect; Pink Floyd; Steve Miller Band

44/45  Cold “Bleed”; Seether (and Amy Lee) “Broken”

44/45/49  Warrant “Cherry Pie”

44/45/50  Megadeth “Countdown to Extinction”

44/45/51  Biohazard “How It Is”; Megadeth “Almost Honest”

44/45/59  Alice in Chains “Man in the Box”

44/45/75  Megadeth “Sweating Bullets”

44/45/77  Metal Church “Watch The Children Pray”

44/48  Days of the New “Whimsical”

44/48/85  Trouble “Memory’s Garden”

44/51  Everlast “What It’s Like” ; P!nk “Dear Mr. President”

44/52  Tantric “Mourning”

44/57  Dokken “Alone Again”; Green Day “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”; Days of the New “Solitude”; Dokken “So Many Tears”

44/58  Days of the New “Shelf In The Room”

44/59  Days of the New “Enemy” & “The Down Town” ; Beck “Loser” ; Devo “Whip It”

44/60  Candlebox “Far Behind”

44/61  Dokken “The Hunter”; Dokken “Standing In The Shadows”

44/63  Dokken “Dream Warriors”; Kix “Don’t Close Your Eyes”; Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford “Close My Eyes Forever”

44/64  Kix “Cold Blood”

44/65  Queensrÿche “Empire”

44/68  Tantric “The Chain”

44/72  Hall Aflame “The Money”

44/73  Metal Church “Anthem To The Estranged”; Metal Church “Badlands”

44/75  Tantric “Paranoid”

45  Heavy metal, hardcore rap

45/46  Avenged Sevenfold “An Epic of Time Wasted” & “We Come out at Night” ; Megadeth “Countdown To Extinction”

45/47  Sanctuary “Future Tense”

45/48 Ascension of the Watchers “Evading” ; Mudvayne “Forget To Remember” ; Disturbed “Remember”

45/48/64  Fear Factory “Invisible Wounds [Dark Bodies]”

45/49/51  Anthrax “Only”

45/50  Machine Head “Days Turn Blue to Gray” & “Hallowed Be Thy Name” & “Locust” & “Who We Are” ; Megadeth “Holy Wars . . . The Punishment Due” ; Slayer “War Ensemble”

45/50/59  Tool “AEnema”

45/51  Machine Head “Imperium” & “From This Day” ; Hatebreed “A Lesson Lived Is A Lesson Learned”

45/52  Staind “Mudshovel” ; Sevendust “Bitch”

45/53  Pantera “Mouth For War” ; Hatebreed “Straight To Your Face”

45/54  Fear Factory “Bite The Hand That Bleeds”

45/55  Hatebreed “Supremacy of Self” ; Machine Head “Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies”

45/56  Godsmack “Serenity”

45/57  Staind “Outside” & “It’s Been Awhile”

45/58 Fear Factory “Descent”

45/59  Evanescence “All That I’m Living For” ; Machine Head “Descend the Shades of Night” & “Darkness Within” ; Slayer “Cult” ; Hatebreed “Defeatist” ; Pantera “Shattered” & Far Beyond Driven; Metal Church “Burial At Sea”

45/60  Cold “Go Away” ; Machine Head “Clenching the Fists of Dissent” ; Slayer “Seasons In the Abyss” ; Pantera “Cemetery Gates” ; Godsmack “Whatever”

45/60/70  Offspring “Gone Away”

45/61  Cold “Remedy”

45/61/74  Cold “Stupid Girl”

45/62  Machine Head “All Falls Down” ; Megadeth “Captive Honor” ; Pantera “F***ing Hostile” ; Cold “Suffocate”

45/63  Evanescence “Bring Me To Life” ; Staind “Waste” ; Pissing Razors “Dodging Bullets” ; Fear Factory “What Will Become”; Metallica “One”

45/64 Kingdom of Sorrow

45/64  Evanescence “My Last Breath” ; Fear Factory “[Memory Imprints] Never End ; Morbid Angel “God Of Emptiness” ; Obituary “Chopped In Half” & “The End Complete”

45/65  White Zombie “More Human Than Human”; Machine Head “Bite the Bullet” & “Battery”[cover]; Cancer “Keep It In The Family”; Metal Church “Hitman”; Metal Church “The Human Factor”

45/66  Tool “Forty Six & 2”

45/67  Fear Factory “Dog Day Sunrise”

45/68  Fear Factory “School” & “Linchpin” & “Obsolete” ; Machine Head “I Defy”

45/69  Fear Factory “Damaged”

45/70/77  Disturbed “Prayer”

45/71  Seether “Remedy”

45/73  Metal Church “Date With Poverty”; Fear Factory “Martyr”

45/75  Fear Factory “Cars” ; David Bowie “I’m Afraid Of Americans” ; Disturbed “Land Of Confusion”; Limp Bizkit “Rearrange”

45/79  Machine Head “The Rage to Overcome”

45/80  Machine Head “None but My Own” & “Nothing Left”

45/85  Obituary (Slowly We Rot & Cause Of Death)

45/88  Godsmack “Alive”

45/100  Godsmack “I Stand Alone”

Six of Cups Tarot card

46  Golden oldies

46/51 The Time Machine

Seven of Cups Tarot card

47  Testament

47/51  Testament “Practice What You Preach”

47/59  Testament “Low”

47/75  Testament “F.E.A.R.”

Eight of Cups Tarot card

48  Creed; Tool

48  Creed “What’s This Life For”; George Harrison “My Sweet Lord”

48/55  Ascension of the Watchers “On The River”

48/62  Creed “My Own Prison”

48/64  Project 86 “Hollow”; Morbid Angel “God Of Emptiness”

Nine of Cups Tarot card

49/51 Anthrax “Only”

Nine of Cups Tarot card

49/74  Sesame Street “Share It Maybe”; Santa Claus

50 orchestras

King of Swords Tarot card

51  Anthrax; Fear Factory; Equilibrium

51/55  Fear Factory “Archetype”

51/59  Fear Factory “Slave Labor” & “540,000 Fahrenheit” & “Replica” & “Pisschrist”

51/59/64 Fear Factory “(Memory Imprints) Never End”

51/62  Anthrax “In My World” & “Antisocial”

51/65  Fear Factory “Back The F**k Up” ; Anthrax “Keep It In The Family”

51/75  Enemy Of The State

51/79  Fear Factory “Shock” & “Demanufacture”

51/81  Fear Factory “Resurrection”

51/85  Fear Factory “Digimortal”

Queen of Swords Tarot card

52  Lil’ Kim

Three of Swords Tarot card

57  Elvis Presley “Love Me Tender” & “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

Five of Swords Tarot card

59  System Of A Down, Lil’ Wayne, Cannibal Corpse

Six of Swords Tarot card

60  Cavalera Conspiracy (“Inflikted”)

64  doom metal


Obituary “Chopped In Half” & “The End Complete”

65  rap, hip hop, disco

Jay-Z “I Just Wanna Love You (Give It To Me)”

88  too much stimulants

89  Michaelangelo

93  Flight 93

100  Rambo

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