1 = “Through God’s love let all men know

All is given, blessings flow.”

Hidden truths and cunning ways

Can hurt your lift in coming days.”

2 = “Behind the veil, within your grasp,

Living knowledge from the past.”


Nothing hidden, naught to fear;

All is seen, don’t waste a tear.”

3 = “Health, children and business good;

All is well, you knew you could.”

All looks black, the reason why:

You built castles in the sky.”

4 = “Truth and justice known within;

Forgiveness means admitting sin.”


Butterfly flits and knows no way;

Man must plan and work each day.”

5 = “Free spirit glows within your soul;

New adventures make you whole.”


“You are right, according to Hoyle;

others mistakes makes your blood boil.”

6 = “Select well with integrity high;

Your moral scruples tell you why.”

Indecision is not your friend;

You may lose all in the end.”

7 = “Achievement now with effort from you;

Control emotions, dreams come true.”


“All is not well, this you can see;

Living this way just cannot be.”

8 = “Use the love you feel within;

Feed them honey and you will win.”

“Heed the wisdom in this card;

issues forced make life hard.”

9 = “Look up, dear friend, and see the light;

It shines by day and shines by night.”

Swallow pride, why don’t you ask?

Halve the problem, half the task.”

10= “The Wheel of Life spins round for man,

You must adapt the best you can.”


When you can’t see the way to go,

Trust in God and let Him know.”

11 = “Justice given lesson learned;

We receive what have earned.”

No matter what is right or true,

you cannot change what people do.”

12 = “Blessed with truth and has no fear;

Faith holds strong when trouble’s near.

Absorbed in earthly work and gain;

Oblivious to your spiritual pain.”

13 = “Time and work will change it all.

Stand up straight or you might fall.”


“Release your fears and look ahead;

Today is new, the past is dead.”

14 = “Patience builds the dreams of man;

Maintain balance while you plan.”

Too much too soon can ruin it all;

Without foundations you will fall.”

15 = “Listen to your higher voice;

Change your ways, you have the choice.”


“Chains you grasped to change your life

Now hold you tight and cause you strife.”

16 = “Time has come to see the light;

Let it go, don’t try to fight.”


“This Karmic force will clear away

the debris caused by yesterday.”

17 = “Inspiration, hope and health,

spiritual gifts beyond one’s self.”


“From wrong path, loss may occur;

Sickness may your vision blur.”

18 = “Deep inside you will know

change has come, though it won’t show.”

Make no judgement at this date;

things will clear up if you wait.”

19 = “Attainment, joy and happiness?

With Sun in spread, the answer’s yes.”

A sense of failure, loss involved;

apply yourself ’til problem’s solved.”

20 = “New vibrations let you see

exactly what you’d like to be.”

This soul is tired and feeling low;

would like to know which way to go.”

21 = “Free to choose your path at last;

you’ve learned your lessons in the past.”

Afraid of change and insecure;

lack of vision will keep you poor.”

22 = “You have the power to use your will;

Choose with wisdom, be soul-still.”

If discontent is all you know,

check back; in time it will show.”

23 = “Fair hair, red hair, eyes of blue;

generous, strong, impulsive too.”

Eyes of blue, hair red and fair;

disagreement you can share.”

24 = “Fair hair, red hair, eyes of blue;

loves her home and nature too.”

Eyes of blue, hair red and fair;

frivolous ways she cannot bear.”

25 = “Fair hair, red hair, eyes of blue;

young man’s views may trouble you.”

Eyes of blue, hair red and fair;

indecision in the air.”

26 = “Fair hair, red hair, eyes of blue;

someone young has news for you.”

Eyes of blue, hair red and fair;

information will soon be there.”

27 = “Create,  begin,  invention start;

the birth, the seed’s within your heart.”


“Don’t give up, just try again;

plan it right and you’ll know when.”

28 = “Goals attained in work success;

courage now brings happiness.”


“Careful panning, make no fault;

move with caution, action halt.”

29 = “Help is offered to those in need;

cooperation will plant the seed.”


“Utilize your skills and know

castles from foundations grow.”

30 = “Harmony, peace now has grown;

the finest harvest you’ll bring home.”


“Look around, your blessings see;

be thankful, lest they fly from thee.”

31  =  “Struggle, endeavor, labor and strife;

competing strongly, sharp as a knife.”


“New vibrations of peace and love;

feel well blessed from Heaven above.”

32 = “Good news coming, success near,

winning all that you hold dear.”


“Whichever way you try to go,

try as you may won’t make it so.”

33 = “A soul with courage can win through;

problems now are not for you.”


“This is not the time to fear;

all will pass, peace is near.”

34 = “Movement, progress, action, speed;

trip or message that you need.”


“Insecurity brings the storm;

some fears end, some are born.”

35 = “So far, so good, go on this way;

take time to hear what others say.”


“Be prepared to take command;

inferior plans just will not stand.”

36 = “Vibrations changing all around;

seeds are deep within the ground.”


“Gifts abused can bring grief;

now’s the time to turn the leaf.”

37 = “Light brown hair, blue/hazel eyes;

This good man is very wise.”


“Blue/hazel eyes, hair light to brown;

Powerful man can put you down.”

38 = “Light brown hair, blue/hazel eyes;

on intuition she relies.”


“Blue/hazel eyes, hair light to brown;

embellishment is her crown.”

39 = “Light brown hair, blue/hazel eyes;

tempting offer can cause ties.”


“Blue/hazel eyes, hair light to brown;

after smiles, you may frown.”

40 = “Light brown hair, blue/hazel eyes;

a gentle soul brings a surprise.”


“Hazel eyes could be blue;

hair light to brown will comfort you.”

41 = “Joy within the home and heart;

blessings come with this new start.”


“Let your ego now deflate;

see how others then relate.”

42 = “Harmony flows between two souls;

together they will reach their goals.”


“Misunderstanding dims the day;

get together – there’s a way.”

43 = “Abundance, joy, hopes complete.

Fulfillment can be very sweet.”


“What was good, now brings pain.

Remember sunshine follows rain.”

44  = “Results now are coming through:

people now are hearing you.”


“Discontent, feel quite alone;

experience has no profits shown.”

45 = “Deep sorrow takes a while to heal;

pleasures of life do not seem real.”


“Courage will blossom from broken dreams;

life is not what is seems.”

46 = “Happiness comes from days gone by;

child-like joy stirs old tie.”


“Delays will test your strength and will.

Don’t react.  Be quite still.”

47 = “Follow your goal and don’t waste time;

success is yours down the line.”


“When choices are many, and you can’t see

woods for trees, then let it be.”

48 = “The Higher Self must now proceed

to search and find the Inner need.”


“Pursuing pleasure, having fun;

not much thought for anyone.”

49 = “Nine of Cups, wish come true;

what you want will come to you.”


“Look and find some other way;

your wish will come another day.”

50 = “Peace within, contentment reigns;

joy at last after pains.”


“Time heals the aching heart;

soon the sadness will depart.”

51 = “Hair brown to black and eyes so dark;

his advice hits the mark.”
Dark eyes, hair black or brown;

Travel fast when he’s around.”

52 = “Hair brown to black and eyes so dark;

wit so quick it lights a spark.”
Dark eyes, hair black or brown;

when you’re up, she’ll put you down.”
53 = “Hair brown to black and eyes so dark;

gallant ventures will embark.”
Dark eyes, hair black or brown;

can turn your plans upside down.”
54 = “Hair brown to black and eyes so dark;

energetic person, on the mark!
Dark eyes, hair black or brown,

can cause you to think or frown.”

55 = “Success takes root, triumph is near;

soon your worries will disappear.”
Gently does it, do not push;

you could lose all in a rush.”

56 = “Free to make your own decision;

do it now with fine precision.”


“Shall I do this?  Shall I do that?

Need to find a new format.”

57 = “Upheaval causes deep distress;

separation or loneliness.”



“Upset, tears, all has gone;

aching heart needs someone.”

58 = “Time to think and contemplate;

dreams come true but you must wait.”


“Need for action, move with care;

of indiscretion be aware.”
59 = “Let go of pride and narrow view;

ego can inhibit you.”
Too involved in selfish gain,

lack of thought will cause great pain.”
60 = “Life moves on, just look ahead;

think of brighter things instead.”
Difficult though your life may be,

it will change, just wait and see.”
61 = “If someone offers you advice,

listen well, consider twice.”
Have an alternate way to go;

for what you wish may not be so.”
62 = “Feel the ties breaking free;

new ideas soon you’ll see.”
Vision blocked with fear inside;

cannot move, you want to hide.”
63 = “Be ready now to greet the sun;

be patient now, you have won!”
In every life comes pain and sorrow;

but life goes on to each tomorrow.”

64  = “Karmic shadow fading now;

need new seeds, begin to plow.”


“All is lost, unhappiness;

broken goals and deep distress.”

65 = ”

68 = “Keep on learning – must know more

if in life you want to score.”

75 = “Anxious thoughts create depression.

Learn all you can from this lesson.

77 = “Ask for help with your affairs.

Guidance given in your prayers.”


“All seems well to those around

but what you need you haven’t found.”

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